Call Recording

Mitel Customer Service Manager Reporter Pro

At B Communications, we offer many tools for our clients and one of them is designed for call recording is from Mitel, called Mitel® Customer Service Manager (CSM) Reporter.

Mitel® Customer Service Manager (CSM) Reporter Pro delivers both real time and historical reporting utilizing 200 filtered statistics. The results from the reporting are 500 real time graphical displays along with 100 historical reports.

Customer Service Manager Reporter Pro – is a feature rich product that has both reporting and supervisory capabilities like:

  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) reporting utilizes both activity and performance indicators
  • Agent Alarms to warn against call wrap ups, free and not available
  • Statistic Forecasting
  • DND (Do Not Disturb) status reports
  • Graphing and statistics in real time
  • Full set of supervisory call monitoring features (answer, transfer, steal and disconnect of employee calls)
  • Both Visible and audible alarms

Auto Reporter – is a functionality that builds on what is listed above by adding things like publishing of reports, advanced scheduling, real time statistics and alarms.

Call Recording – This enhances the Reporter functionality of CSM by adding call monitoring to all of the other features.

Call Recording includes:

  • Extensive search criteria
  • Cradle-to grave search and retrieval
  • Ease of call retrieval