Cloud Communication

Cloud Communications And Mitel

Large organizations are increasingly delivering business and communications technology to their employees via public and private networks – from “the cloud.” Smaller organizations are also embracing the trend by purchasing cloud-based offerings from service providers.

Whether it is for in-house use or service provision, the benefits of the cloud are the same – economies of scale, unparalleled flexibility, and the promise of easier access to ongoing technology advances and ever-greater productivity.

Cloud-ready Mitel solutions

Mitel delivers a single, cloud-ready software stream that can be deployed using private, public, and hybrid cloud models for the enterprise or the service provider.

  • The enterprise cloud. With Mitel Virtual Solutions, organizations can deliver unified communications and collaboration (UCC) to their users around the globe via their private clouds.
  • The service provider cloud. Using the Mitel platform, service providers can deliver their own cloud-based unified communications and collaboration solution with distinct private branch exchanges (PBX) for each and every customer.

A choice of platforms

Mitel offers two different platforms that are tailored to the types of services being provided.

  • Multi-Instance Communications Director (MICD) for service providers and large enterprises. Ideal for delivering unified communications and collaboration services to a large number of smaller organizations with standard UCC requirements. Designed for operational efficiency, MICD leverages proprietary virtualization technology to deliver a highly scalable and dense service delivery platform.
  • Virtual Mitel Communications Director (vMCD). Suitable for all sizes of businesses, and for service providers delivering more sophisticated UCC solutions to larger businesses. vMCD leverages VMware® vSphere™ virtualization technology and vCenter™ management tools.

Using either option, you can provide customers, sites, and departments with their own virtual PBX in the cloud. Mitel has even certified several virtual data center partners that have expertise with Mitel’s cloud communications solutions, and can provide you with robust data centers in which you can base your cloud-based communications solutions.

Cloud-based communications services from Mitel

For small and medium-sized businesses, Mitel and our Service Provider partners deliver cloud-based communications services that deliver everything a business needs for a monthly subscription fee.

Everything from phones to long distance is hosted in the public cloud, so you have nothing to manage or maintain.