B Communications in Education – Charting a Course for Change

The Value of VoIP in Education

 B Communications solutions are focused on improving student outcomes and are transforming the way people teach and learn:

  • Access to tools / resources and IP conferencing and collaboration applications that facilitate interaction and communication among teachers and administrators
  • Messaging applications that improve parental outreach and community involvement
  • Emergency notification systems that put people and school safety first
  • Distance learning and mobility solutions that enhance learner outcomes
  • An ROI of VoIP technology tailored to enhancing education administrative efficiencies, productivity, and hard capital cost savings

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Primary and Secondary Education

Mapping Solutions to Student Outcome

B Communications Educational SolutionsThe foundation of a K-12 solution is helping school districts to improve student outcomes. Student success is dependent upon a number of factors, including school environment. Key variables include adequate funding, the quality of learning, student / teacher ratios, parent involvement, and the climate for learning.

  • The quality of the teaching and learning experience
  • Creating a safe place to learn
  • Strengthening the connection between home and school
  • Maximizing funding through administrative and operational efficiencies
  • Building an 21st Century IT Infrastructure
  • B Communications’ Solutions Portfolio maps directly to these key areas of focus.

Higher Education

IP Convergence and SIP Mobility: Meeting the Communications Needs of a New Generation

B Communications Educational SolutionsCollege and university students have evolved the way they communicate. They are permanently connected, using multiple media and devices at the same time to create and nurture complex social networks. As students have become more sophisticated, so too have their expectations for personalization, integration, and immediacy. B Communications is working with colleges and universities to change the ways they think about unified communications and its role in education.

Higher education is under increasing pressure to reduce costs, keep tuition increases low, and serve more students outside traditional geographic boundaries. They are witnessing rising demand for re-training and distance learning, along with requirements to facilitate inter-campus work groups and project collaboration.

The B Communications Education Solutions portfolio targets new forms of academic communications and collaboration to increase productivity and generate new sources of revenue, including:

  • Conferencing and Collaboration solutions
  • Mass notification solutions that enhance campus safety
  • Mobility solutions that differ between the needs of the staff, faculty and students
  • Residence hall communications
  • Meeting the needs of the mobile, always-on student

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