Solutions for Government

Telephone Systems for GovernmentThe economic climate is challenging to governments worldwide and they are trying to reduce debt levels and find cost saving measures as the move forward.  B Communications can help your business figure all this out and help it run more efficiently and profitable by using Mitel communication products.

B Communications communication solutions can help you by:

  • Reduce Operational Costs – By deploying your call center and applications as virtual appliances, you will be able to handle all those calls and run those applications anywhere, no need to be tied down to an office.
  • Improve Customer Service – With advanced call handling and routing you can improve your service to your customers and clients.
  • Easily Manage Communications – Integrate communication solutions that are easy to use and manage.
  • Improve Interaction – With video conferencing and collaboration applications, it fosters more communication and interaction among your staff.
  • Free Up Staff – With the mobility solutions, it frees up your staff to work anytime and anywhere.
  • Realize Cost Savings – Merge communications into existing infrastructure, migrate to an IP that fits your needs and reduce operation and travel costs.

Government Solutions U.S.

B Communications helps federal, state and local governments by making sure they have the tools necessary for efficiency and productivity.

Your Challenges

Delivery is job one when it comes to public service.  You have many services being delivered by different entities out of various offices and this can make it difficult to have a continual flow of communication among staff.  You have to manage your aging infrastructure to make sure it can handle your growing needs and you have to manage all the staff that goes along with all of this while trying to implement cost saving at every step you can.

The Mitel Possibilities through B Communications

We will help you prioritize your investments with flexible communication solutions that will fit your exact needs.  We will help you find new ways to for you and your agency to operate efficiently so that it will have a pleasant impact on your bottom line.

We will:

  • Deliver advantages of a converged infrastructure through voice, video and data applications while protecting your existing investments.
  • Improve your public service delivery.  By using the contact center management tools you will be able to understand how calls are handled and even abandoned with historical and real-time reporting.
  • Help you handle mobility and cultural workforce realities through teleworking, hot-desking, wireless and mobile extensions.
  • Give immediate access to the right people at the right time with presence and availibility tools.
  • Enhance collaboration with Mitel Your Assistant and teleworking and every conferencing without the constraints of an office.
  • Help you prepare for and respond to unexpected disruptions that can happen in the business world.

B Communications approach to today’s communications fits the needs that are present in these sectors of government:

Federal Government Agencies

B Communications Solutions for GovernmentYour goal is to make is as simple as possible for citizens, businesses and other government agencies to be able to interact and transact with you, while saving taxpayers money.  We offer you the choice from our communication solutions that fits within your needs and budget,

Your Challenges

  • You are rethinking where, how and with who to best conduct your business with what you have to work with.
  • Wisely spending taxpayers dollars while improving services
  • Improving intra-agency communications
  • Avoiding task duplication
  • Meeting national objectives of improving Homeland defense
  • Be ready for the unexpected
  • Promoting teleworking

The Mitel Possibilities

  • Cost-effective Migration and Interoperability – We can integrate with your existing telephone system by using the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP).  It is a multi-functional communication tool that will allow any agency to start implementing work enhancement solutions while keeping their existing equipment.  We provide agencies with adaptable options for deployment by offering a platform that is designed to act as both a TDM and IP-based telephone system or even as a gateway that works with interoperability in an agencies existing voice infrastructure.
  • Network Agnostic – Regardless of manufacturer, the 3300 ICP can be integrated and configured to work with any LAN/WAN infrastructure.  It works over Cisco, HP, Extreme Networks, Enterasys, Nortel, Foundry Networks or 3Com.
  • Continuity of Operations – The Mitel 3300 ICP guarantees reliable communications when PBX-base lines are down.  We offer adaptable teleworking, conferencing and wireless solutions that can be integrated into your emergency operating process so it can keep all the critical stuff up and running until everything is recovered.
  • Citizen Interaction – The communication tools and customer interaction tools help keep staff to staff and staff to customer at an optimal level so that your service is at its best.
  • Unifying Communications – The bringing together of voice and data allows new applications to be created like presence and availability tools to conferencing and collaboration tools.  The presence and availability tools let you know when a user is on the phone, away from their desk or in a meeting.
  • Government Contracting Options – Federal agencies can take advantage of Mitel’s GSA Schedule 70 and eBuy to quickly secure their IT needs.  Mitel uses its telecommunications contract with the National Joint Powers Alliance to help government and other agencies buy Mitel Unified Communications Solutions without going to tender, saving you time and money.
  • Greening IT – Our commitment to you is to offer energy efficient technology that is also safe to the environment by using material that is recycled and/or reusable.
  • Government Strategic Partners – We have formed partnerships with the industry leaders so that we can better serve the needs of the public sector.  We offer the most robust solutions because of partnerships with Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Foundry and ProCurve Networking and we do all this to better suit your needs.

State and Local

Your citizens are always demanding more without having to pay more for it.  B Communications can help you find methods that can move you forward for today and in the future to optimize your communication needs.

Your Challenges

  • Doing more with less – Meeting the demands and quality of service with less resources.
  • Modernizing – Updating current phone system infrastructure that is spread out in multiple locations or multiple systems.
  • Maintenance – Maintaining and fixing the systems when problems occur and dealing with downtime.
  • Protection – Making sure your communities and citizens are protected.
  • Increasing productivity – Increasing productivity and effectiveness in your business.
  • Economic issues – Keeping up with economic issues and development.
  • Health of the community – Making sure that your community is a healthy and safe place to work.

B Communications Can Help With:

  • Improving and Unifying Communications – We offer agencies the means to adopt an IP through intelligent migration, which will allow you to switch over without breaking the bank.  Not only that, but you can re-use existing equipment which can help with user experience.  The Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) is state of the art and will work with other manufacturer’s PBX systems, meaning you can save money.
  • Enhancing Citizens Interactions – Our Customer Interaction and Reporting Tools will help you to quickly resolve issues and improve your connection to your citizens.  These tools help you know where someone is, if they are available and where the problem is with dropped calls.
  • Improving Mobility – Hot-desking, wireless, mobile extensions and broadband telephony are all offered through us so that you and your staff don’t have to be tied down to a desk.  This allows you to work more efficiently and interact with your citizens more.
  • Being Prepared – The 3300 ICP gives you reliable communications even when PBX-based lines are down and allows you to keep working until everything is restored.  IP also allows you to be free from having to work within a center of operations, freeing staff to work from home if they need to.  All of this allows you to deliver the essential sevices to your citizens in case of emergencies.

Purchasing options for government agenciesB Communications GSA Solutions

You can participate is the GSA Schedule 70 under the Cooperative Purchasing Program which can help you acquire your IT needs.

So who can buy from a GSA Schedule 70 under Cooperative Purchasing Program?

  • All 50 states
  • All local governments – including municipalities, counties, public school districts, state colleges, county hospitals, public housing authorities
  • Tribal Governments
  • Local preference programs are not otherwise waived and participation is voluntary.

In addition, Mitel maintains a California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS), State Term in Ohio and is listed on the OGS in New York.  We are also a partner with the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR).