Integration with Vidyo

Mitel® offers a range of solutions that work with the Mitel MiCollab (formerly Mitel Unified Communicator® Advanced (UCA)) to provide telephony, presence, and audio and video conferencing. In addition to existing point-to-point video conferencing capabilities within MiCollab Client, Mitel delivers multi-point video conferencing with the integration of VidyoConferencing™ technology from Vidyo™.

Unified Access to Richer Communication and Collaboration Experience

Single sign on access to a full range of audio and video conferencing and collaboration features from within the MiCollab client.

Unhindered Mobility
Frees users to communicate from any location on any device.

Centralized Administration
Leverage infrastructure consolidation and desktop virtualization to deliver a unified voice and video collaboration architecture and thus lower costs to support remote and temporary staff.

Integrated User Service Provisioning
Both Mitel and Vidyo solutions can be deployed in a VMware® vSphere™ environment on common servers to leverage a common management and business continuity framework with vCenter™ Management Tools. This integrated solution operates within a common data center framework to deliver cost savings to the IT department.

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