Mitel Business Dashboard

Would you run your website without being able to obtain data on how many unique visits you receive, how long people stay, and where they go? No! So, why would you accept any less with your phone system?

Mitel® Business Dashboard, available exclusively on the Mitel MiCollab (formerly Mitel Applications Suite), gives you both a complete real-time and historical view of what is happening on your Mitel communications system so that you can:

  • Optimize your use of both employees and system resources
  • Monitor employee performance and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings

With Business Dashboard, you can answer questions like:

  • How many people called your business yesterday?
  • Are any of your trunks being underutilized – is this an opportunity for cost savings?
  • Are your business hours appropriate for when customers are actually calling?
  • How quickly are calls being answered?

Mitel Business Dashboard also brings call management clients that provide telephony call control, screen popping, automated dialing, and enhanced call control for increased employee efficiency.

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