Mitel MiCollab

Making communications a whole lot easier

Across your typical business, user collaboration, mobility, and messaging are the core communication requirements. To simplify these functions, Mitel combines them into a single solution: Mitel® MiCollab (formerly Mitel Applications Suite (MAS)).

Promoting simplicity for users

Despite being physically separated, users appreciate being able to find each other quickly and connect without delays and long wait times for return calls and emails. Instead of users toggling between their communications applications, each with their own login procedure, MiCollab is an integrated suite of applications that work together seamlessly. A component of Mitel’s Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution, MiCollab makes it easy to manage all aspects of day-to-day interaction for workers in any role, no matter where they are or how they choose to be productive. For organizations large and small, MiCollab delivers the kind of cost-effective capabilities needed to increase productivity, build competitive advantage, and drive business success.

Promoting simplicity for IT teams

MiCollab operates on a single management console providing administrators with one view of the entire solution – presence, collaboration, mobility, and messaging. As a single solution, MiCollab brings several other benefits to IT teams, including:

  • One server for all functionality
  • One interface for user deployment
  • One management view
  • One point of control
  • Multiple deployment options including virtualized environments
  • Powerful APIs to bring other applications like email and CRM into the user’s communication realm.

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