Mitel MiVoice Border Gateway

Mitel MiVoice Border Gateway is a highly scalable and optionally redundant solution that gives remote workers, road warriors, and day-extenders seamless access to the voice and data capabilities of the office, wherever they are.

The nature of the traditional office is changing as more workers become mobile and remote. To ensure enhanced productivity, companies are leveraging their investments in Mitel® IP-PBXs by extending unified communications over the Internet to mobile or remote workers via IP phones, soft phones, and Wi-Fi® / dual-mode phones.

To ensure the deployment of secure internal and external workspaces, including hotels, airports and home offices, the MiVoice Border Gateway provides comprehensive threat protection, strict access control, and privacy in a single consolidated server. The result? Remote employees can securely work and collaborate as part of the office network. MiVoice Border Gateway is a remote access solution for businesses of all sizes, regardless of Service Provider, and allows secure deployment of multiple network connectivity services in a number of network-edge scenarios:

Teleworker Service – A secure plug-and-play solution for remote workers;

SIP Trunk Proxy Service – Serves a SIP-aware firewall at the edge of the company network, eliminating the need for third-party firewalls, and simplifies configuration and deployment;

Application Web Proxy Service – Enables trusted connectivity between the company LAN and the Public Internet to provide secure access for unified communication and collaboration via the Mitel MiCollab.

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