Mitel Multi-Instance Communications Director

Mitel® Multi-Instance Communications Director (MICD) provides a dense, scalable, and energy-efficient communication services platform, while maintaining the flexibility of completely distinct PBX instances. With MICD, you can scale to accommodate more users or services without adding servers or giving up features.

MICD leverages virtualization techniques to allow multiple instances of Mitel Communications Director (MCD), Mitel’s award-winning call control software, to run on an industry standard server platform. Now you can manage voice communications like any other application in your data center.

For large enterprises with multiple sites, MICD:

  • Delivers telephony services from the private cloud, hosted in a data center
  • Reduces management overhead and cost of ownership through:
  • server consolidation
  • power savings
  • enterprise resource leverage
  • consolidated trunking
  • Increases flexibility
  • Simplifies the model for resiliency and distributed locations
  • Delivers a rich enterprise feature set.

For service providers, MICD:

  • Presents the opportunity for new revenue streams and reduced customer churn, with fully hosted business communications solutions for small and medium-size customers
  • Facilitates a strong business case for a new service, with a low entry cost, and pay-as-you-grow scalability
  • Simplifies solution management and enables rapid service deployment
  • Delivers cost savings with server and real estate consolidation, power savings, and consolidated trunking across customers
  • Is the foundation for a super-scalable and highly available service that your customers can rely on.

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