Wireless Gateways

Mitel IP Communications Platforms (ICP) can be deployed to provide a wireless voice solution for legacy PBX-enabled businesses and environments that do not currently have wireless capabilities, or that have a data-only wireless LAN infrastructure.

Workforce mobility has emerged as a mission-critical element within the enterprise. With this in mind, Mitel has developed a unique mobility solution that seamlessly blends the wired and wireless worlds for the user – anywhere within the enterprise.

The Mitel ICP Wireless Gateway:

  • Works as an integrated PBX/Wireless Gateway
  • Provides access to 500+ features and applications like voice mail, speech recognition and call center apps
  • Easily “twins” your wired desktop phone and your wireless phone for additional convenience
  • Provides a single network that supports wired and wireless voice and data devices with a single controller
  • Keeps staff reachable at all times, avoiding “voice mail tag”
  • Means no airtime charges in conjunction with a voice capable wireless infrastructure